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What to put in smoothie healthy


If you wonder what to put in your smoothie? This list will help you out…Here are smoothie ingredients, mixed them, freestyle it is easy.

The Liquid

First you’ll choose a liquid, which will determine how runny your drink is going to be. These have their own benefits too…


Having water as your base is great for water-soluble vitamins and also very important for hydration in general. It can also help you to produce more saliva and is great for watering down sugary fruits.


Choosing a juice liquid makes for a sweet and refreshing drink. It’s also ideal for getting even more goodness in!


Milk has a ton of benefits. Whole milk might be calorific but it is high in the good kind of saturated fats and also aids with the digestion of other nutrients (fat soluble nutrients). Whole milk is high in protein and calcium too.


Ice is great for refreshing you and waking you up early in the morning. It also just so happens to be a handy thermogenic that increases calorie burn!

The Base

The base is what you’re going to use to make your smoothie thick and creamy. It’s thanks to your base that your smoothie is a smoothie and not a fruit drink!


Bananas are high in potassium of course, as well as being a good source of energy. Bananas also contain B6 and numerous other micronutrients. They go very nicely with strawberry.


Pears are nice if you want a less sweet smoothie and are high in vitamin C, K, B2, B3 and B6. The vitamin C content makes them great for stress busting/mood boosting smoothies as well as for general defence.


Mangos are, in a word, delicious. They are also great for lowering cholesterol, improving eye health and clearing the skin. They can also help to reduce the likelihood of cancer thanks to their antioxidant benefits!

Be careful though: mangos can easily overwhelm the flavour of a smoothie!


Peaches are another sweet and delicious choice for a smoothie base. They’re high in calcium, potassium, magnesium and fiber. Getting lots of fiber will help to keep your blood pressure down, your bowels operating normally and your blood flowing smoothly!

A tip is to use tinned peaches and pears to save yourself time!


Yogurt is a good choice if you’re looking for a creamy kind of smoothie. Yogurt’s big advantage is that it is high in natural cultures of ‘friendly bacteria’. These help your digestion by breaking down foods in your stomach and also produce various digestive enzymes and even some key micronutrients.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is going to make your smoothie a lot thicker and richer and also increase the calories. But what it does on the positive side is to provide you with a ton of protein which can help you build muscle. It’s also a great source of healthy fats like omega 3 and an excellent way of getting some magnesium.


One of the most popular choices right now, avocado is a healthy saturated fat that provides a steady release of energy throughout the day. If you’re looking for a smoothie that will keep you full from breakfast until dinner, then avocado is an excellent place to start. It’s also very high in omega 3 fatty acid, which improves testosterone levels, brain function and joint health!

Additional Fruits and Vegetables

There are more fruits and vegetables you can add too of course for a ton of additional health benefits…


Packed with vitamin C and with a very sweet flavour!


This is another source of vitamin D as well as being very refreshing and a useful choice for boosting digestion.


Speaking of digestion, pineapple contains bromelain which is a great benefit for breaking down foods. It’s also good for your teeth!

Red Grapes

Red grapes are high in resveratrol – one of the best antioxidants in the world and also useful for enhancing energy levels in the cells.


Massively high in zinc, to boost brain plasticity, testosterone and your sense of smell!


Berries are superfoods that are packed with all kinds of great nutrients – particularly antioxidants!


For a green smoothie, spinach is high in iron as well as ‘phytoecdysteroids’ which might boost muscle building and fat loss!


A very popular superfood right now, kale is high in vitamin A, K and C and is also very good for you in general thanks to a low sugar content!


Mint is not only a good choice for a refreshing start to the day but also a great way to increase your energy metabolism.


High in all manner of vitamins and great for your eye health!


Apples are high in vitamin C, fiber and several other micronutrients. They also add a nice acidic flavour.


These go incredibly well in banana smoothies are also high in vitamin C and magnesium!


For added credit, consider:


A good natural sweetener that offers long-term energy benefits, as well as combating hangovers and improving sleep! Might also fight allergies…

Protein Shake

If you want to make your smoothie into a muscle building shake, just add in some whey. Protein is good for any weight loss diet, also.


You can add a range of spices such as cayenne pepper, cinnamon, curcumin etc. which will not only provide a nice kick to the flavour but also offer a lot of additional health benefits.


If you want to make your smoothie look the part, then why not add some garnish? This could be a herb leaf or it could be a few nuts!

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