what man want

What Men Want

romantic lovers  There is a saying that men are from Mars and women from Venus. It is not without a reason. Here are some tips on how to better understand your man and what they want and how to be a better partner. I truly believe that every person should first know how to be happy on their own, what are their goals before entering into a relationship.   1. Do not be a Drama queen Yeah, we can talk and talk without stopping, repeating the same thing thousands of times. Man hate this long and unnecessary talks. Be short and make your point in a calm way. Do not yell. In that way, you are showing how much control you have. Even if you are angry, learn how to not let others see that you are losing control. Do not give anyone that kind of power over you.  2. Self-confidence This is the most important thing. If you know who you are, and your worth then other people will respect you too. If you are satisfied with yourself then you can make others happy as well.  3. Have goals and hobbies and give him space to do things he like Do not lose yourself in a relationship and do not allow your partner to become your world. This can be exhausting for man. If you bother him all the times and all you want to be with him 24h, that is an obsession. Nobody likes persons like this. Have your hobbies, your job, your free time and respect his.   4. Do not send long text messages They probably won’t even bother to read it, especially when you are angry. You will lose your time and energy.  5. Do not act like a crazy jealous person 

Have in mind. If he wants to cheat you he will find a way. There is nothing you can do about it. But if you are complaining all the times the only thing that can happen is that you will lose him and then he will end up with someone who treats him better.

Always think about your reactions. How someone treats us talks about them, how we react tells a lot about us. Learn how to control your emotions.

Having a healthy relationship that makes you happy, and gives you the energy to be the best version of yourself is wonderful. Work on yourself and be happy with who you are, because if we are unsatisfied with our life we will reflect that to our partner and that is a recipe to disaster. Learn to not blame others. Sort your life first and then be with someone.

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