uranus transit

Uranus transit 7th House

Uranus is a planet that brings sudden change, shocking events, revolution. From how is aspected depends if those changes will be good or bad. Even when it is bad it is still for your own good.


Aquarius is ruled by this planet. In my case, Aquarius is wedged in my 4th house, and the Uranus is placed in a 3rd house in the sign of Capricorn.

In 2017 this planet conjunct my DC and squared my MC. Shortly it has brought me job changes, enemies that I never had in my life before, broken heart, breakups…But also far away traveling. My travels are always connected to work.

Even when Uranus enters the Taurus still it will go for some time through my 7th house.
For some people, it can bring sudden marriage, lucky ones…For others divorce 🙁

I am wondering what will happen when it comes to my Mars in Taurus (ruler of my 7th house, placed in the 7th house) and makes conjunction. My Mars has few good aspects and one pretty bad which is opposition to Pluto in Scorpio (ruler of my 2nd house, placed at the edge of the 1st)…It scares me

Let’s see how that will play out…

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