pluto square ascendent

Transit Pluto square Ascendant

pluto square ascendant

Well, for me certainly this was a killing aspect for a whole year, still is. Best words to describe this are SCANDAL, POWER STRUGGLES, MANIPULATION FROM OTHERS, OBSESSIVE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS, JELOUSY, FIGHTS, FIRST SEX.

Maybe even brought me that tropical disease caused by a virus that I had. As Pluto natally rules my second house I had many financial problems too. I had to change my whole being, to transform. Also what I thought I will never do, I did. Embarrassing but even my way of thinking had to be changed. For sure there are other planets involved too. But Pluto is living hell for me. The only good thing is that did not bring me any dead. Luckily.

Another aspect I had is Pluto conjunction with my natal Saturn. Saturn rules my 4th house so I moved far away. There is also opposition to my Chiron, a lot of pain, hard to breathe. Sometimes I thought I lost my mind. Again in January 2019, it will be exact. Can not wait…

It is transiting next to IC. So it will enter my 4th house soon. Circle of life

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    Hey there! I am still alive and doing better than before. Hope you are good too. Check which house those planet rule, as well natal aspects, I am sure there is hope for you. I just gone through Saturn return, then Pluto difficult aspects, and other aspects like Uranus opposition Moon, now both Pluto and Saturn are in conjunction with my IC as well. I am trying to use good sides of those "BAD PLANETS". Somehow after Saturn return nothing feels so awful anymore… Do not be scared, take care of yourself, nothing lasts to long, no happiness nor darkness. We are not suppose to be happy in this life, although we all strive for it, only thing we can do is live in joy and appreciate what we have no matter how small it looks like. My family member that lost both legs said to me when I cried in hospital that I should not cry because he lost legs but be happy that he still has a head on the shoulders. Such a spirit. Rise up above those thoughts. Do what you can to protect yourself and boost your metabolism. We are all in panic these days, so you are not alone. All the best and keep me posted, would like to hear how the things are going for you.

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