ketu conjunct venus

South Node (KETU) conjunct Venus

Unrequited love
I would definitely call this aspect unrequited love. South Node represents our past, but also something we have to let go of. People who have this aspect in synastry were lovers or husband and wife in a previous life. Now they are reunited to finish what they started.
Unless there are many good aspects between their personal planets, this relationship is not destined to last. Mostly one partner feels that he has to give love to another person no matter what and the other person wants to walk away. It feels like chasing the cloud.
You can use this interpretation for synastry, natal, or transit.
Positive manifestations:
  • Replenishment or release of old karmic guilt affecting love relationships or purely financial priorities
  • Lessons from the past are drawn, reflected, analyzed and associated with values, focuses on the real values ​​of life, and has a positive effect
  • Old relationships and feelings are reconsidered, analyzed in detail and destructive influences are consciously eliminated, which has a healing effect.
  • The return of the old and karmic love in the form of a second chance.
  • Restoring an old source of income can also be something more valuable, something that a person has lost and is now regaining. Compensation for past actions – generally that has an enriching effect.
The most affected areas of life are the house that Venus is in or the houses that Venus rules.
Negatives to Consider:
  • A person feels misunderstood, isolated, and is experiencing a crisis in socially significant activities
  • Lack of reciprocity in love, alienation in feelings, apathy, frustration in matters affecting love relationships
  • Separation with strong and karmic love a devastating effect for a long time: a sharp drop in financial income, unexpected additional payments for which a person feels like money is literally flowing through their fingers
  • Doubts and uncertainties in all matters, that relate to something that interests a person, In fact, it is a time when they can lose what they consider to be the most important thing in life, the most precious, and only a conscious, determined and tremendous effort can stop this trend, and it is again connected with the payment of past debts – morally, materially. It is not a good time to build a romantic relationship, find and tap into new sources of profit.
  • Conditions that can lead to comfort, pleasure, and entertainment are reduced. The result can be daunting, tired, or the opposite of expectations. Problems and loss of the woman … Losses can occur in the house in which Venus is located or in the houses in which Venus rules (these are the areas of life that are symbolized by the respective houses).
  • Problems with the hormonal balance (mainly female hormones), the metabolism, the thyroid gland, the vocal cords / the neck area, in general, / and the kidneys can arise in times of difficult health. A person has to be more positive, has to be more attentive, for your health and take preventive measures
It takes about 2 weeks to 2 months for transit
The cycle of the node axis (part of which is the south node) or a complete turn takes about 18 years. You could be under the influence of this every 18 years.
Optimally, a way out can be found during this transit, replenishment options with old and accumulated karmic debt affecting love or cash flow. This can happen as a result of being aware of the knowledge gained, monitoring causal relationships, improving values, aligning with a more conducive line of behavior that affects relationships, material utility, and comfort.
He/she deals with anything that destructively affects happiness in general.
After this transit, a person may feel like they are relieving pressure. But if the lessons are not realized, a person may not see mistakes or is prone to abuse love.
Feelings, Money, if the values ​​are not great (in the broader sense) then during this transit a person can suffer some of their greatest losses and at various levels in purely financial terms, but also in relation to relationships. Feelings and love.
This can lead to a major crisis in life, a person can lose everything that is important to them, and these losses will have an impact over the next 18 years. The south node is associated with accumulated karma. This is a period of time that indicates whether we have accumulated debt or deserve a reward …
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