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Signs That Your Boyfriend is Possessive

A love relationship should involve reciprocity, tolerance and understanding, so that we can truly say that we are happy with a loved one. All other variants in the style of  “jealousy is a proof of love” do not really mean love, but the relationship in which we can not be really happy. Being with someone does not mean to belong to someone, and to love and be faithful does not mean that you must stop to be yourself. Does this sound a little confusing to you? If you have had an experience with excessive possessiveness in a love affair, we are sure that you know what we are talking about. And if it seems to you that things are going in that direction, then this is the text that you should definitely read. Below, find out which are reliable signs that your partner is POSSESSIVE He can not stand when you are in other people company Although you may at first just subtly notice that your social side of personality does not really like him and that you prefer to focus on him, this is definitely an exclamation mark. For example, you are at a party or evening together, and you get in touch with others, and then notice that he is looking at you. Of course, let’s not mention that the thing is even worse if you are in are a company of the opposite sex. In any case, this is an obvious sign of possessiveness and conditions that you should not agree, no matter how much you have fallen in love, as the situation will probably only worsen over time.  He’s jealous In the introductory part we said that jealousy is definitely not a proof of love – do not assure yourself that this is just the way to show how much he loves you. Jealousy only has connections with its own uncertainties and complexes, which are often manifested in this way. Certainly, this is not an excuse. If you notice that he is jealous and this jealous behavior pattern is constantly repeated, then this is a problem that you must not ignore. He wants to know for every step you want Do you feel that he is constantly in the role of Big Brother who keeps on following your every move? He is interested in who is sending you a message, who calls you, when that colleague from a job with whom you spent half an hour longer in coffee, and is it essential that you go to the fitness room three times a week instead of spending that time together? All this signaled that your partner is both possessive and that you can not move around without him, although he may not be explicit on that matter. He wants to control your fashion style Perhaps it did not appear to be at first, but as soon as the things in the relationship become a little memorable, and he begins to comment that your dress is too short, or shirt is to tight, and there are other girls with you dressed similar, and this happens even when you are with him in the company. He likes to see on anyone else but not you, know that it’s an alarm wake up call, because it’s not about his specific fashion taste, but about jealousy and the need to limit you in every way. You must constantly prove your loyalty When it comes to the question – it means that he loves you and he is faithful, and his activities when not with you are not questioned, because beer with a male society is a matter that is implied, but when it comes to you – it’s different rules. Whaaat! You must constantly prove that you are faithful to him and that you are willing to give up a lot for his love. He is prone to manipulation And as the highlight of everything, your partner will make you accept it as normal, and you will still feel guilty if you do not act according to his wishes. Because he is a manipulator and does not agree to a compromise. It is therefore important to recognize in time that it is a relationship in which you and only you are endangered. If you recognized yourself in these lines, then it is almost certain that you are in a relationship with a possessive man, and that this is a problem that you must not ignore. It is unhealthy relationship that can only become worse…Get out of it as fast as you can… Good Luck

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