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Relationship With A Married Man

Whatever is your reason to be in this kind of relationship, I am not here to judge you. We all have different lessons to learn.
Unfortunately, not many men will leave their wife and stay with their lover…But there are always exceptions.
I believe that whatever is meant to be it will be…
But if you are suffering and you want a change, and you are tired of waiting. Here are some clues that might help you to make a decision. Signs that he is not ready to leave his wife.


Bad, bad sign. Every time you mention him this word, he gets annoyed, tries to change the topic, sometimes even yell at you like, pretending he is the victim and you are the one putting pressure on him.
Why anyone who actually thinks to have a serious relationship with you would act like this? If love is true, if he thinks that you are the one, his goal would be to divorce, therefore he would never avoid the topic.

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Well, it is true that divorce can be very difficult for many reasons, first kids, then family and relatives, culture and tradition, can make things hard. There is no easy way out. But if you are his choice he should find a way.
It’s all about the decision. Nothing is easy but it’s a question of priorities. Divorce will hurt, but if he lose you, won’t that hurt him too? It should? If he wants you, he will do it no matter what.

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3. ALWAYS NEEDS MORE TIME…Darling if he makes a strong decision to be with you, why he would wait and wait for that moment? NO ANSWER, GOOD, let’s move…

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4. YOU NEVER MET HIS PARENTS, RELATIVES, etc. Again…False excuses, he is telling you that they will be angry at you and hurt your feelings. Well, that is on you to support, and his job should be to organize a meeting and make you feel like part of his life.

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There are ONLY TWO OPTIONS, IN THIS CASE, TO CHOOSE YOU OR TO LOSE YOU. Learn to respect yourself and ask yourself questions…Do you want to be a priority or an option? Can you be happy while his wife is there between you two? Offenses that you will hear, will hurt.

But living a life with a married man will cause you way more pain than happiness…so why to stay?

If he decides to stay with his wife, open a door for him. Be proud of yourself, have dignity. It will hurt but you will know where you stand and built your life. If you stay with him, you will suffer and his wife will always be there in between and there will be a lot of fights. Is that happiness you want? NO.

When he makes his decision to stay with her, you make a choice…
And trust me, someone will come and take away all the pain. Open your eyes and you will meet a guy to who you will be a priority, who will make all your dreams come true. If he chose to LOSE YOU, you CHOOSE HAPPINESS, because sweetheart,  you matter.

With love

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