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My Dream

grandpa and a granddaughter

On 27th of October, I had a most wonderful dream. My grandpa came with a bag and hugged us altogether my grandma, mother, me. He took my hand and we went walking, he was smiling so magically beautiful, watched me with his caring eyes. Then I felt he is saying that I already know how we are spiritually connected and he is there always with me. He never left me. I have his support.

At that time I was determined to change my life, already started with my plans and applications for Ph.D. then I asked for a sign, for support and I had dreamt this dream.

If you lost someone and would give everything to see them in your dreams. I will tell you one thing; when you are desperate and sad, your vibration is low, makes it hard for your loved ones to come into your dreams. Do what makes you happy what they would like you to. Raise your vibration and mood and you will be able to see them. I am sure of this.

I do believe in my dreams, many times when something bad was about to happen, my grandpa warned me. When something good is about to happen he comes in a different way and I know everything will be fine, I am going to be fine…

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