morning routine

Morning Routine for Productive Day

morning routine

This is my morning routine that makes me feel good and more productive.

Of course, there are days when all I want to do is to cry and can not concentrate on anything. In those moments I am listening to my feelings and have a totally different routine. I am not forcing myself, usually, I am writing a journal, watching my favorite show on youtube or some funny videos or just sad movies and I am letting it all out, depends on my mood…Another thing that helps me on those days is to watch again youtube videos related to my problem and listen to the experience of other people and how they deal with the same. Then when I notice that my mood changes for better I am reading some success, personal development books, business and money, motivational books. These are my examples.  Anything that reminds me and gives me back that enthusiasm to reach my goals. For people who deal with depression and anxiety or any mental illness or they are going through a difficult period in life this can give them a little bit of fuel and energy back. For me it does. If you a really confused or you have to make some difficult choices and you feel disoriented, read my post Feeling Stuck and maybe it will help you in that. So let’s get back and start a day in a good way as often we can… 5.00 AM Wake up, prey and stretchHello, world! I take a few minutes to pray in bed and I tell myself some of the affirmations, like that I know whatever happens today I know it is for my own good and I will be able to face all challenges and I will keep my mind calm, my body healthy and my soul with joy, my life with prosperity…Or something from the Bible “Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil for you are with me”. Any sentence that comes to my mind when I open my eyes.   Then I stretch a little bit and go to take my glass of water with lemon and make my coffee. While water is boiling I am fashing my face with cold water to come back to life.  5.30 Well life starts after coffee for me. Black coffee, strong, without sugar. Sometimes I take a small healthy snack with it. While I am enjoying drinking my coffee I check my transits (I am astrology fan) for that day, not to see if I will be nervous just to see if I might get moody and then I can think how to use that energy into something good.  I take my planner and my journal. I write some inspiring quotes, things I am grateful, I take a look at my vision board and my monthly goals and go through my to-do list, preparing my self psychologically.   All this takes me at least one hour or one and half, I am a hedonist and I enjoy every sip of my coffee. Like I am drinking slow, veeery slooow 🙂 Hygiene time 🙂   7AM-8AM I am having my breakfast and then I using that energy for cleaning, YES 🙂 It actually became something I am enjoying, I can enjoy and feel better when things are in order around me, try it.   8-8.30 I am working out on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. Or around 8 o clock or around 11.30 that is a time in between work and when I feel energy low. I have two apps one is 7-minute fitness work out ( I am not following all, changed to exercises that I like, makes it more interesting than doing same) another one is Yoga, 10 Daily Yoga Poses. Again after exercise, I am stretching 3 minutes.   Shower and I groom myself Drink some proteins, I like the chocolate taste.  8. 30 or 9 AM I start working, I have different days different work 🙂  11.30 I make a short break to rest my eyes and take a snack So from there on my Afternoon routine starts…  I really enjoy this routine. Love mornings. I am an early bird. I am not working out every day and I do not want that, I am just not that type, but I am really disciplined to do this 20 minutes workout 3 times per day. Enough for me. On other days I try to take a walk, run or just move from the chair and get 20 minutes out on sunlight that vitamin D 🙂

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    You're so awesome! I don't beieve Ihave read a single thing like that before.
    So great tto find somebody with unique thoughts on this subject matter.
    Seriously.. thanks for startiung tis up. Thiis web site is one thing that is required on the internet, someone with a little originality!

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