make up in 5 minutes

Makeup In 5 Minutes

To be perfectly dressed for any occasion, you do not need to spend an hour in front of the mirror, which becomes especially problematic if you do not have time available. There are just a few steps to do, and we will help you to adopt them. Read below how to get the perfect makeup in just 5 minutes!

  1. Lightweight powder and corrector

First, apply the powder only where needed – where your skin is greasy and reddish, and apply it evenly with a sponge. If you have a problem with pendulums, use a circular motion with your fingers to tilt the corrector

  1. Blush

For a natural look, it would be best to apply the blush not directly to the face, but first to your fingers, so make sure yo do not put to much. Put it on the cheekbones of your cheeks and gently rub it to make it equal.

  1. Repair the shape of your eyebrows

 If necessary, it is important that you add the effect of density and constriction to your eyebrows, because they frame your eyes. We recommend the use of eyebrow gel that can help those who have very rare eyebrows.

  1. Apply a bright shadow to your eyes and mascara

If you make bright shimmering shades in shades of apricot, you will achieve a beautiful and fresh look of your eyes. It is best to put the shadow uniformly with your fingers on the eyelid, and after that, do not forget to put the mascara to emphasize eyelashes.

  1. Perfect lipstick

 Perhaps it would be best to use a pen of lipstick, as you can skip the pen pencil. Use those shades that are checked well for you.

You see it’s nothing complicated. These five steps are more than enough to make you look fresh and nice in just 5 minutes!

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