jupiter conjunct pluto

Jupiter conjunct Pluto


Jupiter is considered a planet of luck and expansion. It can expand good as well as bad, depending on how is aspected.

In my example, natal Jupiter is in Cancer right at MC, 25.40 degrees (close to Procyon fixed star). Rules my third, fifth and sixth house.  It’s in opposition with my Saturn in Capricorn

My natal Pluto in Scorpio (14.58 degrees) is placed at the end of the first house, therefore it can be considered that it is in the second house and it is also a ruler of the 2nd house. From aspects, it has a square with Sun, trine with Venus, opposition with Mars, a sextile with Saturn and Neptune and trine with Chiron.

Jupiter in Scorpio was transiting the second half of my first house and conjunct my Pluto from in December 2017, and May – August 2018.


Here are things that I had experienced during that time: I had many fights and power struggles in all relationships, I  revealed my enemies. It was difficult and transforming time, full of shocking events. People trying to interfere and rule my life, doubts, and lies. Painful need for respect. I fought for my beliefs. Felt misunderstood. That time was not something I like to remember.


  • Greater ambition
  • Desire for expansion
  • The big change in philosophy of life
  • Interest in social activities
  • Deepening his faith
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Finding a guru
  • New goals
  • Wonderful looks for people who work in politics or social affairs
  • Good time to study occult knowledge


  • An unhealthy desire for entertainment
  • Greed for pleasure
  • Increased desire for luxury
  • Unrealistic self-esteem
  • Painful need to be respected
  • Desire to convey your beliefs
  • Religious extremism
  • Dying of your beliefs
  • Disappointment in your beliefs
  • Destroying Your Optimism

Jupiter is the planet in astrology that is mostly related to abundance. This is the most important quality of this planet. And there are different levels in which it shows. But the most important thing is that when it is activated by traffic, the first reaction is that we really want something and want it in bulk.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion. So this transit can make you really ambitious and committed to success, but when we talk about Pluto it won’t be an easy task for you, you probably take it very personally and it’s something that will change your perspective.

So keep in mind that you can become too obsessed with this desire. It’s more likely to be related to your social activity. The positive effect of this transit can lead to an increase in your income if your activity is related to something you really believe in. They can bring you a lot of profit.

You can also make big plans for the future. This is a transit that will leave you chasing an incredible expansion. And it would be very painful if you couldn’t do it. Your self-esteem may depend on it, but don’t forget that teaching Pluto can be very difficult and can be a test of your confidence in yourself.

As a result, you may have to go through different stages and it can be very difficult to get started. disappointing.But if you stick to your belief, it will likely bring you success. One of the possible effects of this transit could be the battle for material, but you will likely seek the respect of other people as well, for whom your merit would be very important. And that goal can make you really critical and inflexible.

It can also be a wonderful look for people with a social appearance. This transit can really make them popular. You will be able to influence many people. You will fight for some social cause and be able to inspire others with great success.

It will be a very important time for people with Jupiter professions, especially politics. During this time they can reach the peak of their careers, it can bring them great success, popularity and power, but Jupiter also has another face very different from these material goals, it also represents our spiritual development (it is the old one Ruler of Pisces), so that this transit can influence you from the outside in a very invisible way, can bring about a total transformation of your beliefs, a critical situation can lead to a significant change in your beliefs and your understanding of God.

It is mandatory that these crises affect you personally. It is likely something that is happening around you because Jupiter is a social planet. And when you see something dramatic happen around you, you can open up new perspectives on life within you.

You can completely change the things you value. You may find that material things do not make you happy and contented. Another possible effect of this transit is that you can completely change your attitude towards religion.

You can feel very disappointed and feel like everything you believed in has collapsed. It can be a very painful process as the influence of Pluto can feel like a distraction.

But if this is your case, then it is probably time to get rid of those beliefs. It is very likely that they prevented you from continuing your development. You may have been too conservative or restrictive. So you can initially perceive this transit as a crisis in your values.

And of course, it can affect your goals as well. If you no longer know what is important to you, you may not know exactly what you want to achieve in your life. After your old beliefs and values ​​disappear, new values ​​and goals may appear for you. When they’re great, they can be much deeper and more respected, but the downside is that you can become too obsessed with them, become very intolerant, and not be able to do so.

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