Jupiter conjunct Moon


Jupiter is considered generally a planet of luck and expansion. However it can expand good as well as bad, but even when things are bad, just think it would be so much worse if  Jupiter is not there. Especially if it transits your first house. How it will affect you depends on your natal Jupiter and the aspects it makes.

In my example, natal Jupiter is in Cancer right at MC, 25.40 degrees (close to Procyon fixed star). Rules my third, fifth, and sixth house.  It’s in opposition with my Saturn in Capricorn

My natal Moon in Scorpio (4.39 degrees) is the first house and it is the ruler of the 10th house. From aspects, it has a square with Sun, sextile with Mercury, trine with Venus, opposition with Mars, square with Jupiter, sextile with Uranus.
Jupiter in Scorpio was conjunct my Moon in 2017. As one transit is never responsible for everything as there are always other transits going on…In my case at that time when this conjunction happened, I had also very hard aspects from Saturn, Pluto, and Uranus. Therefore I guess I couldn’t recognize the Jupiter effect much. Here is my thought about how I think it affected me. I did fall in love and moved, as well as met a female friend who wasn’t honest and to cause drama with lies you see in movies. I guess jealousy was the reason since it happened in the Scorpio sign. I was very hurt later on. But at that time I could not notice what was going on. I think at that time my first idea to start a blog came…


  • Better mood and happiness
  • Support and improvement of relationships with family
  • Support and improvement of relationships with women
  • Forgiveness
  • Emotional healing
  •  Increased intuition
  • Improved family environment
  • Positive for moving and buying property
  • Improved image self-management
  • More imagination
  • More Fertility
  • More Popular
  • More Wellbeing and Financial Stability


• Emotional Permission

• Be Overly Generous

• Forbearance, Weight Gain

Your personal life, your home and your family will be important to you during this transit and you will likely help make these areas as positive as possible. This can mean: making your home more comfortable and stylish, buying a property, expanding the property, moving to a better place, spending more time connecting emotionally with family, healing broken family relationships, or with people you care about.

Women trying to get pregnant may be more successful now because the moon is the planet of motherhood and Jupiter is fertility. If you already have children, the joy of parenting becomes evident and emotionally rewarding. Anything that requires nurturing, nurturing, and growth becomes a source of inner joy and satisfaction for you.

For example, those of you with green fingers can get a lot more out of your gardening hobby. In general, they become more loving and loving. It is a very opportune time to invest in a property or to move to a place that makes you feel more at home.

A caring woman or man can now become a source of support, growth, and help to you. This person will somehow help you heal emotionally, feel better, or even open new doors for you. You will likely also heal yourself a bit because you are in a more forgiving and compassionate state of mind.

This enables you to feel the greater purpose of past painful experiences and let go of them. It is a very opportune time to keep a journal of the past to reconsider it in your head as you can see it from a higher perspective.

Ideal for healing work, meditations, self-help groups. Your inner charisma and magnetism increase as your self-image improves, and so does your sense of happiness.

As you increase the vibration of complacency, it attracts others and your popularity grows too. It’s a wonderful time to go public and win the hearts of larger audiences. During this period, plan all activities that require self-promotion, action, and influencing others, when your personal attraction increases with the power of your emotional conviction and expressiveness.

Your creativity and imagination are on fire, this can be a very fruitful time for many artists. Writers, interpreters, speakers, etc. Your inspiration overflows and becomes contagious to others as well. Your intuition and sixth sense will increase, and you will acquire important previous dreams or feelings.

Emotional relationships with loved ones are deepened or new ones created because your heart is more open.

The only negative aspect to consider is the tendency to gain weight. , because of too much pleasure and the ability to be too revealing and gullible.

However, unless you have negative transits at the same time, you are unlikely to get hurt whether or not you are unprepared. that these transits will only fully manifest when there is no current difficult aspect of Saturn, Uranus, or Pluto, as these can overwhelm the beneficial influence of Jupiter.

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