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Is female face shaving good?

Do you want to get rid of facial hair in an easy and fast way, but you are skeptical about this method. This post is for you.

Dermaplaning is an exfoliating treatment of removing the surface layer of the skin to help revitalize the skin and look more beautiful. This painless procedure is ideal for removing dead skin cells and hairs, leaving the skin velvety smooth. You do not have to go to the salon to have a baby soft skin all you need is a special razor, not the one you use for legs.

Dr. Debbie Palmer, who co-founded the Dermatology Association of New York, has her own line of skincare products, she told HuffPost that “Hair will not grow back thicker or faster. Shaving does not change the number of hair follicles in the skin or the rate of hair growth”. Dr Michael Prager from London says that shaving stimulates collagen production and reduces wrinkles. Dermatologist Neil Schulz states that shaving “slows down aging”, which is why men are more likely to tolerate years and look younger than women their age. The Daily Mail writes that the skin of men in their thirties and forties looks better than many women of the same age, and that a possible reason is that they shave daily.

Huda Kattan is the biggest beauty blogger in the world. She claims that shaving the peach fuzz on your face is good for scars, helps exfoliate, and has anti-aging benefits. But most importantly, “Makeup application just becomes SO much more beautiful when you do it!” she said in a video. There are numerous videos on YouTube where women boast about this beauty method and highlight its many positive sides.

You can order women’s special micro shavers online or get them at specialty stores selling beauty supplies and tools. I am using Schick facial razor with Precision Cover, two times per week which is enough for me. Another great option is the electric USB charging razor, which is very convenient for carrying as well.

However if you have sensitive and problematic skin, acne, you should not use this method, instead, try IPL or laser treatment which are perfect if you want to get rid of the facial and body hair permanently.

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