Ideas to put on Instagram story

Instagram stories have major importance for your personal or business brand, it is a great way to let people get to know you or your business better and it is an amazing tool for getting more engagement and increase your sale and visibility. Instagram story ideas that you can post are about you and your daily life and activities, behind the scenes of your business, or your business tips.

Here are some Instagram Story Ideas of what you can post:

  1. About Me
  2. Locations and Weather
  3. Your Mornings
  4. Planning
  5. Journal Prompts
  6. Food
  7. Your Surrounding
  8. Outfits
  9. Favorites
  10. Hobbies
  11. Tips
  12. Funny stuff
  13. Repost
  14. Featured profiles
  16. Ask Question
  17. QA
  18. Voting Polls
  19. Behind the Scene
  20. Biz or Personal Journey
  21. Challenge
  22. Promote Blog Post or Product
  23. Tutorials
  24. Screen recording

Here is what I meant of the things to put on your Instagram from random daily life, beh


Help people get to know you better, share some interesting things about you. What you like or dislike, what are your values, your goals, your talents, what 3 words describe you the best, you can share all of this on your Instagram stories.


You must have seen stories of people enjoying outdoors with a weather sticker showing sunny weather, take a short video or photo of a sun rays going through tree branches or a pouring rain and your favorite drink in your hand. It is so simple!


People love to watch morning routines! You can share a small part of it, let’s say when you are making your morning smoothie or coffee, or when you are scripting or doing skincare…what is your favorite thing from your morning routine, share that or you can even share all of it if you like!


How you plan your day, what is on your to-do list today, share it, and then at the end of the day, you can share what you accomplished and what you didn’t do. This is a great way to motivate others and yourself!


Share your answer on some of the journal prompts, it can be something related to get to know yourself better, lifestyle or business, google journal prompts and you will see lists and lists of questions, the best inspiration for this is Pinterest. With this kind of post you can show people the way you think or some of your personality traits as well engage with others by asking them to write you their answers.


Everyone eats! With busy and hectic life it is always great to learn some new fast, easy and healthy recipes or just get an inspiration of what you can prepare for yourself too. If you ate in a restaurant today and you loved the food there, give us a recommendation.


What is nearby, what is in your neighborhood, what are great spots to visit, lake, forest or a nice park…Share some photos or videos of your walks…If you are not going out much and you think you have nothing to share, forget about it, that is only a lack of motivation and will, not a lack of resources…Take a photo of a nice flower in a garden, a tree, sunset or inside your home, your favorite chair, your working table set up. Get creative!


Are you going to workout today or taking your pet for a random walk, or you bought some really nice peace of clothes you like, share it!


Share a list of your favorites, movies, music, clothes, make up, business tools, phone apps, what are your favorites?


Do you love hiking and camping or swimming, cooking what is your hobbies? Share some tips or things you learned, people will appreciate it and will get to know you better.


Like the word says, you can share tips on anything life or biz it is on you.


Did you saw recently something funny that you want to share, like a small scene of the comedy movie, short yotube clip or your pets playing around, or maybe you have something fun to say, joke or story that happened to you. So many options!


Did someone recently posted something that resonated with you, or you want to re-share the post to make sure others see it too? Repost other peoples content on your story and mention them, they will appreciate and maybe in the feature re-share some post from you.


You can take a screenshot of the Instagram feed of people you like to follow or you find interesting, maybe even other small businesses and start-ups, or even your own followers. Mention them by sharing screenshots of their feed and write one sentence about what you like about them. In this way, you will show that you are not self-centered and that you care about others too. At least once a week I like to implement this. Show some love and care, kindness is never wasted!


Share some words of wisdom but never forget to write who said it!


You can ask an opinion on something, some movie or recipe suggestion, products that you plan to buy or what is the best business advice they ever received or even which places they should visit in Colorado (write country or city you are or you are going to), etc. Options are limitless


This is another way around, you make a story where you tell your audience to ask you whatever they want, it can be related to your niche (a certain topic), service, or products, or give them the freedom to ask you whatever comes to their mind, as a blogger, YouTuber or small business owner you can ask your audience what content they will like to see more of, or which product. This is really helping you get to know your audience and communicate with them, know what they need and turn them into customers.


Are you overthinking about something, is it a place you want to travel, content you want to make, products you want to buy. Put photos of two or more options that you can’t choose and voting poll, let your audience help you in your decision making!


Share some process behind the scenes of your business, if you are YouTuber how it looks your set up, which software you use for video editing if you are a blogger how you write your blog posts if you are making homemade natural soups share the process, are you designer show us how you do it! This helps your brand awareness and growth.


How you started your business, what fears you faced in life or biz and how you overcame them? By sharing some insights of your own journey you are helping others, maybe they have the same fear or they are in a similar situation.


Do you want to start doing yoga everyday, eating healthier, or maybe posting on Instagram more often, or start a new website or create a new product, make some challenge and share it! In this way you will motivate yourself and others, and you will not be alone in your journey, you can all share progress you made by using same hashtag. This will create a real sense of community which is powerful thing!


Show your product or service you would like to promote, show its features and why it is special…why others need it? Make sure to not overwhelm your audience with so much promotion, you can balance it by posting all other story ideas mentioned.


Show how to do something. People appreciate valuable and helpful content.


Beside posting images and videos, you can also make a screen recording video that you can even publish as more and more popular reels on Instagram stories as well. Do you want to share your apps, or how you edit your photos, how you use some software, possibilities are truly endless. This is interesting and helpful content that everyone likes to see it.


There are so many Instagram story ideas you can post such as your day-to-day life or business tips mentioned above…Make sure you show yourself the way you are, or your business, and get to know your audience. Share valuable, helpful, and educational content and your audience will know to appreciate it. Be genuine and never forget to engage with your followers.

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