How to write affirmations that work?

how to write positive affirmations

Whether you believe it or not, you can attract anything in your life that you focus on. Positive affirmations are a powerful tool that can make the opposite happen. By believing and feeling your statement you can change your life.

Your words are incredibly powerful, and when done correctly, positive affirmations can be an impactful tool that will help you find the power to accomplish things that you didn’t think was possible. However, they only work if you believe in them. The beliefs that we hold are just patterns that we’ve learned and developed over the years. 

There are a number of things throughout our lives that play a role in shaping our beliefs. Some of these might be supporting and nurturing, while others might be roadblocks on our paths to achieving happiness.

Too many of us go about our days with negative thoughts bouncing around in our heads. Unfortunately, when we think like this, our mood, confidence, and outlook on life can become negative as well. The problems with negative thoughts are they can end up becoming self-fulfilling prophecies. They can end up talking us into believing we aren’t good enough, which ultimately results in our personal lives being dragged down. 

If we can deliberately use positive thoughts about ourselves instead, the effect can be just as powerful.  Positive affirmations are a great way to change the barriers into supportive and encouraging truths. You can use positive affirmations to keep you moving forward. 

Here’s how to create positive affirmations that you can believe in and achieve all your life’s greatest desires.

Identify What You Want To Change

To get started writing a positive affirmation for your life, you have to think about what you really want. Think about what would make your life happier and write those thoughts down. The essential part of creating positive affirmations is ensuring that you are completely clear about what you want without worrying about the when or the how. Everyone has something in their life that they would like to change. Do you wish you could have more patience? Do you want to be more productive at work? Consider several areas or behaviors that you would like to work on in your life and write them down. You want to make sure that they are compatible with your core values and those things that matter to you. This will keep you motivated to achieve them.

List the Attributes You’ll Need

When you’ve identified what you want, the next step is determining the attributes that you’ll need to achieve your goal. You should list between four and six things. You attributes are the things that you need to be, rather than the things that you need to do. Once you’ve written these out, circle a few that you believe to be the most essential attributes that you will need to embody to reach your goal. 

Write Your Affirmation

Once you have your desires and attributes written down, it’s time to create your affirmation. You want to create a statement that is between one and two sentences, and that states the goal and attributes in a positive and empowering way. This can be challenging, so you should write down some ideas as they come to you and repeat them out loud.

 Write Down Your Ideas. You need to take the time to determine what areas of your life you want to improve. Write down your ideas on how you would like your life to look and areas that you want to improve. After you’ve written down your thoughts, take a look at each of them and write down a few positive statements that reflect your vision for your future life. 

Turn Negatives Into Positives. If you struggle with negative self-talk, take the time to write down the persistent thoughts and beliefs that are bothering you. Then write an affirmation that is the opposite of that belief. For example, if you always think that you aren’t talented enough to move ahead in your career, turn it around and write an affirmation like, “I am an experienced and skilled professional.”

Use the Present Tense. When you write down your affirmations, you want to be sure to write them in the present tense. Write them down as though you are experiencing everything you desire right now. You want to avoid using words like, “within the next two months. . .” because every time you use this affirmation you are saying to yourself and the universe that you are still two months away from achieving your goal. After you use this affirmation for one month, you will still be saying, “within two months,” which tells the universe and your mind that you haven’t gotten any closer to achieving your goals. For your affirmation to be effective, you have to write  as if it is already happening to you. Writing in the present tense helps your subconscious to believe that the statement is true.

Focus on What You Want. You need to write your affirmations in a way that forces them to focus on what you want in life, rather than what you are trying to eliminate or avoid in your life. For example, rather than writing “I’m not addicted to alcohol,” a better option would be to write something like, “I am completely free from alcohol.” If you aren’t sure about how to write an affirmation in the positive, then you can imagine that you’ve already accomplished whatever it is that you want to achieve and describe yourself in that positive light.

Your affirmation must be based on a realistic assessment of the facts. You need to keep the feasible and realistic because affirmations aren’t magic spells. If you can’t believe that you will achieve what you are stating, then it is highly unlikely that it will make an impact on your life.

Writing positive affirmations is both an empowering and exciting experience. Learn how to enjoy the process and try not to get caught up in the details of what you’re writing. Have fun with the process and try to relax.

Practice Your New Affirmation

Now that you’ve created an affirmation, it’s time to practice it and repeat it often. You want to be sure to repeat your affirmations every day. To help you remember to say your statements you set a reminder on your phone, you can set your phone’s background to a picture of your affirmation, so you see it every time you use your phone, or you can put them on Post-Its and place them around your home or office. Do whatever works for you, just make sure you say them with EMOTIONS. 

When your affirmations carry the emotional weight, they will be more effective. You have to want this change to happen, so the statements that you choose to repeat should be something that is meaningful to you. For example, if you are worried about a new project that you have to complete, you can repeat to yourself, “I am incredibly excited to take on a new challenge.”

Affirmations are incredibly helpful in helping you achieve your desires as long as you do them correctly. You have the power to use your mind and overcome fear and to create the future you desire.

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