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How to work less and be more productive?

work less, earn more
In the twenty first century and digital era, people tent to live fast, being too ambitious, chasing better life so hard that they forget about their own well being, others and get easily overwhelmed.

When you are working from home you create your own schedule, but chasing hard your goals that you forget to eat or make a break, can leave you exhausted, frustrated or make you even sick.

In order to be successful and productive we have to have balance in our lives. When soul, body and mind are in a good state, we tend to finish more in less time. About how to balance life, I will write in a new blog post, for now, here are some business tips on how to work less and make more money. YES THAT IS POSSIBLE.

Automate Your Workload

Use Automation Tools. You can automate your social media posting, blog posts conferences and appointments, advertising efforts, e-mail lists, sales, and customer support. If you discover yourself pressured out over the amount of work you have to do, recall that there is an automation tool and you should definitely go for it.

Before this make sure you find what works best for you, how much content you can launch per month to not feel overloaded? How much time you need for your tasks? How many hours per day you wish to work? BRAINSTORM!


Every individual has unique strengths and weaknesses. In every job there are always things we like more and things we don’t like doing so much. Freelancers are available it is easy and not expensive to hire them and they will massively assist in reducing your workload. Hiring a freelancer or virtual assistant is very helpful and time saving so you should definitely consider it.

Good Organization and Relaxation Time

Rest and relaxation are important and are needed in order to be productive. One of the reasons you’re creating an online business is because of its benefits like flexibility and freedom. So make certain you take at least one day a week where you don’t do anything work-related. Make sure you make breaks of 20 minutes between work to enjoy your coffee, journal or meditate. Once every week make sure you reflect on how you fell, are you on the right track.

PERSONAL NOTE : I am building 3 brands, handling all social media and website content. Creating many digital products like courses and eBooks. WHICH MEANS, HELL LOT OF WORK. Beside that I have life, I am trying to work out 3 times a week, I do laundry, cooking and cleaning by myself.  So yes until I found my formula I had many struggles. Now I am finally in a stage to work only 4 hours during week days.

If you wish to know more about balancing life and work or share your own working tips feel free to comment below.


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