How To Overcome The Fear

How To Overcome The Fear?

Do you want to become the most incredible and unstoppable version of yourself? I’m not talking about the usual self-help measures. This goes beyond being a little better or a little more productive it is all about going out from your comfort zone.

How To Overcome The Fear

Your fear takes away your happiness and fulfillment. It is time for us to destroy fear once and for all and reach our full potential.

If you fear death, then you fear life. When you accept negative things happen and are prepared for them, there is no reason not to take risks. The secret of happiness was to be prepared for the worst outcomes and to live within those possibilities. Once you accept that negative things can happen and you are prepared for them, there is no reason not to take risks.

Of course we are risk-averse, which means we’d rather hold on to what we have than go ahead to win the big prizes.

First, identify the goal or thing that you want to change. Suppose you want to quit your job and start your own business. Then write down all the things you want to change. They are scared and all the things that could go wrong. First, your partner might think that you are irresponsible and leave you, your new business could fail and you will be in debt, your home could be repossessed, your friends might laugh at you.

Now evaluate each of these things. Most of them are not even likely to happen. Write down all the ways you can reduce the risk to make it less likely.

Are you afraid of going into debt? Business model that does not incur high acquisition costs and helps you to find your way to success. Are you afraid of quitting your job? So start your business in your spare time first. If you partner leaves you, maybe it will be better for you don’t need someone who is not supportive of your dreams.

Now you’re going to do something else: you’re going to think about the worst-case scenario if you don’t go ahead with your plan. You could get stuck in a job you hate.The day you turn 80 and look back on your life and feel like you’ve never done anything with it. That your body and mind are stunted from lack of challenge or experience.

What is worse?

Bad things are going to happen. You can’t stop all bad things from happening. In the meantime, you are only responsible for your own feelings. You can’t always make everyone happy, so don’t even try. You need to focus on accepting that reality and then just doing what you need to do for your own emotional and psychological wellbeing. If you are satisfied and happy then your relationships can improve too. You can’t pour from the empty cup.

You cannot live without risk. In this life nothing is guaranteed. You can die tomorrow, your partner may sudenlly leave you, you can lose your job….You can’t stop bad things from happening. All you can do is live life to the fullest now. That is why you need to take advantage of these opportunities.

Everything happens for a reason. To overcome a fear, listen to your soul, it knows the right answer!

Afraid of public speaking? Then quickly do this fear-setting technique, considering the possible outcomes and figuring out why they don’t really matter. Ultimately, you have two options: stay calm and keep the fear or take risks and grow as a person so you will be less afraid next time. Are you thinking of a bungee jump? On the other hand, go over all the things that could go wrong and how likely/serious they are. it might break or it might be too long, but you know the probability of it is somewhere in the region of 0001% or less.

This means that not only are you testing the ideas in your head, but you are testing them in person as well. Then you go on stage and deliberately give a garbage speech. You experience this “worst case scenario” first hand and prove to yourself that it really is not that bad.That way, you can learn to desensitize yourself to the things that normally scare you, and you can become a much more fearless and confident version of yourself.

And this really is the best way to overcome fear: it is to keep pushing yourself and challenging yourself. Expose yourself to the same things over and over again that seem overwhelming to you. Fear is a good sign, it is a sign that you are growing, and the more you practice keeping your mind calm and steady in these situations, the more you will find that the response is natural.

And one more thing: remember to breathe! Deep breathing activates your resting and digestive systems – the parasympathetic nervous system – and this slows your heart rate and helps with panic attacks. You can finally get rid of the fear, you can accept any challenge and be successful.

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