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How to make a good smoothie?

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How to Make a Good Smoothie?

You may have tried many smoothie recipes, I have made a series about healthy smoothies and different smoothie recipes on YouTube.

Smoothies are easy liquids made up from a cocktail of different fruits or vegetables, with a liquid and some sort of creamy base thrown in for better taste.

Smoothies taste delicious. And what’s greater, is that in addition they contain a ton of goodness in the form of nutrients and minerals that are missing from our diets too often these days.

By including a healthy smoothie into to your daily routine, you can massively increase your health in general,  your body fitness and your immunity and energy!

So how do you make them?


The first component you will want of course is a smoothie maker or a blender. This is what you’ll use to mush up your elements so you want something powerful to ensure this will be finished quickly and easily.

The Nutribullet  600W is a the most famous product right now due to the fact it permits you to clearly take away the top of your blender to take with you as a bottle! It is very powerful and most recommended one.


Next, you want to select a liquid. The more liquid you ad, the runnier your smoothie will be of  course and this depends on our personal preference. The norm is to put  somewhere between 1-2 cups. You can use juices, water, milk, ice or even tea. Different liquids go with different veggies or fruits and can achieve various results. More in depth about it you can watch on my YouTube channel.

The Base

The next part is the base. This is the ‘primary ingredient’ and it is what’s going to provide  the consistency of your smoothie. You need to select something that has the  right  creaminess  whilst  additionally offering a good flavor (as this may in all likelihood be the most overriding flavor in the drink) and also plenty of health blessings.

Popular choices are banana, mango, peach, avocado, yogurt and ice!

Fruits Or Veggies

Next step is to select fruits and veggies that will go well with you chosen liquid and base! You can choose something that will be nutritious and fulfill your dietary needs.

If you aren’t inclined to experiment in your own, then of  check some of the recipes on the internet.

On my YouTube channel you can find recipes for breakfast smoothies, brain booster, energy smoothies, weight loss smoothie, hangover smoothie and many others.


It can be honey, nuts, protein powder, anything according to your taste and need.

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