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How to love yourself for who you are?


Embrace and Just Be Yourself

Fears,doubts and insecurities are all round us, outside and inside of us. Sometimes it could even appear less complicated to “just need to someone else” as we wrap ourselves up in these poor feelings. The grass may also appear plenty greener on the other side based on our perceptions and ideas. But that is only illusion, the truth is about our perception and attitude. All is hidden in our experiences, beliefs, rejections, sorrows, just life.

Let successful people than you to motivate you and more unlucky people than you to make you more grateful.

It’s comical how others are envied for superficial beauty, wealth or relationships that human beings would combat to exchange places with them while maybe they want something that others have like talent or peaceful life, or health. That feeling of quiet desperation to “be another person” results in the loss of confidence, shallowness and any wish that we can ever enhance our current life.

This is a perception and not your reality. Rather than spending your energy on others use it to your own advantage. Get to know yourself better. Ask questions and discover answers, how to be a better version of yourself, and accept yourself the way you are. This you can do by talking with people you trust, answering journal reflection questions.

Just because that’s the way “you have always been” doesn’t imply it is the way you should continue to be. Your past doesn’t define you. Taking steps to self-development can open up new doors of progress and possibilities for you. Then you can, in turn, encourage and inspire others.

Accept yourself for who you are, improve what and where you can and stop constantly comparing yourself to others. All folks will continually be insecure at instances but that does not ought to be a lifestyles sentence for being unhappy. Loving ourselves no matter what begins with the act of self-acceptance. Once we reap that, contentment will follow.

Stressful situation happen, sadness is part of the life as well failures, we can’t avoid it but we can learn how to put ourselves above it and believe that we can take best out of. Let go of the judgments of others, your life purpose is  not to do what they tell you but what your soul is telling you.

Here are few tips that can help you to be yourself…


Is it love? More money? Certain career that you want to pursue? Everything??? What you need more in your life. YOU DON’T KNOW. Answer those journal self reflection questions, you will discover…your strengths, weaknesses, your beliefs that are blocking you….write down all…how your perfect day would look like…your fears…and most important gratitude, what you are thankful for…bread on the table, roof above your head, a sunny day…write and write…


Now that you had figured out what you want it is time to make a plan. Making a bullet journal can help you track your success. It is time to see how you gonna achieve what you want, what are the steps you have to take to get there. Do not put to much goals on your list to not overwhelm yourself. Less is better. Do not let your fears or judgement of others to stop you, you are the owner of your life, nobody can change your life for you. I


Stop with excuses and make give your time to people and things that matter for you…
I for example decided to start my day with gratitude, keep my house clean, not working after 7pm and read more personal development books, to have no more than 3 work tasks during the day, workout yoga 3 times a week 15 minutes only, to contact at least one time during the day people I love and meet them or just chat with them…WHAT YOU ARE UP TO?

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