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How to Get more Website Traffic from Instagram

instagram website traffic

Instagram is without a doubt very effective in terms of enhancing your brand visibility and constructing a community. Here are five ways that you can use to drive website traffic from Instagram.

Include Your URL in Bio

When people stumble upon your posts on Instagram, they will head for your Instagram profile to find out more about you. Make sure your bio is well written with url included. If you have more websites or blogs you can use to ceate one link for all of your businesses.

Add a Shortened Version of Your URL in Comments

Unfortunately, hyperlinks posted in the comment segment of Instagram aren’t live, they come to be hyperlinked whilst you share the equal image on Twitter and Facebook. Putting your shortened url in comments can bring additional engagement and traffic. It is critical to take into account, however, to maintain your comments relevant, engaging, and on point, to avoid being flagged as spam.

Watermark Your Images

You never know when your post will go viral, so make sure to ad watermark on your images, this will also help to increase brand awareness and interested people will more likely visit your profile.

Highlight Popular Posts

You have to look for creative ways to repost your content and make most out of it. You might recollect doing a weekly roundup of your favored posts or merchandise from your web page to get your fans interested sufficiently to visit your website. Do not forget to be active on stories. Let’s say you have a product that you want to sell and you post about it, next thing you can do is make a story from it, then text format, review from a customer, video, engaging questions, in this way you can reuse same thing in different ways. All it takes is creativity.

Always Include a Price Tag on Your Product Photos

On Pinterest, product pictures with fee tags usually receive better click-thru fees than the ones without, and this can apply for Instagram as well. If a user is interested in your product, do not let them wonder how much it costs.

It is crucial to keep in mind that you should use Instagram to increase brand awareness and present a more personal and genuine feel to your business. Utilizing these tips will help your potential customers to reach out to you.

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