how to minimalist

How to do minimalism?

When your home has been tidied up and remodeled into a minimalist zone and your work life has been simplified so that you can be as productive as possible in the workplace, it is time to take a closer look at your personal life. The organization of your personal life is one of the most important aspects in implementing a minimalist approach.

It is not enough just to get rid of physical things and decluttering. You need to look at other areas of your life that need to change, in accordance with your new principles.

Where do you start when it comes to balancing your personal life with the concept of minimalism? It can start with how you approach your everyday life. What you are doing? All of these things can be tailored for your new minimalist principles. However, start with your space than slowly go from there, think about yourself, diet and health, people that surround you, your finance…

how to minimalism


Most of us have too many clothes. Now, if you go through your clothes, you will almost certainly find several items that you have never worn, as well as some outfits that you have not worn. during the years. There is no point holding onto things that you are not going to use, be completely honest with yourself. If you haven’t used it in a year, it has to go.

If you’re struggling to determine which outfits to remove, here’s a nifty technique you can try: hang all of your clothes in your closet with the hangers up. When you’ve used the item and are ready to put it back in the closet, hang it with the hanger facing out. You can see at a glance which clothing has not been worn in the last 12 months. You can then dispose of all these items with a clear conscience.

A capsule wardrobe is an ideal solution. You can put together an outfit with a few simple parts. Suitable for every occasion without having to invest in countless items. Anything that doesn’t fit in your new capsule collection can be delivered to charity, given to friends, or even recycled; For example, you can cut old t-shirts into strips to make carpets or bags.


As you take a closer look at your personal life, you should think about your diet. All kinds of exotic foods as we give in to media and marketers pressure and tell ourselves to experiment with the latest in products. Chemicals that can be harmful to health. They are also very expensive. You can get rid of this problem by opting for a more minimalist diet.

When you choose fresh foods instead of processed foods, you can enjoy better overall health and a healthier bank balance. It’s also easy to prepare. Many of us tend to eat the same things on a regular basis anyway.

Do you eat the same cereal for breakfast every morning? Do you eat the same sandwich every lunch break? Are there a handful of late night meals that you prepare repeatedly? You don’t have to be ashamed of that.

However, if you recognize what foods you prefer to eat and plan your weekly menu accordingly, you can take a lot of cupboard clutter and pressure out of your head. After dinner after a long day at work, knowing exactly what to eat each day of the week, without any uncertainties or complex thought processes, will surely make you relieved.


Another area of ​​your personal life that could benefit from a minimalist review is your financial well-being. Meeting the demands of life in the 21st century can be costly, so it is not surprising that most of us are in debt.

Credit cards are so widely used and it’s a rabbit hole. While they are part of the essential adornments of modern life, most of the things serve to add to the clutter that builds up in our lives causing headaches.

Debt is a burden on the mind that prevents you from living your best life and enjoying it to the full. When you have to think about paying those rising bills, your stress level increases and your mind becomes busier.

Be truly present in your own life or in the lives of those around you who are most important to your wellbeing. Work to be debt-free to achieve a real minimalist lifestyle. By reducing your debt and preventing more from building up, you can have complete peace of mind.

Without a credit card, loan, or overdraft, you may not be able to pay for new things. You don’t have to add extra pressure to your life. If you can’t afford something, you can’t buy it. You will be surprised how many times you find that you can live without what you thought was essential.


Eliminating digital elements from your lifestyle or spending less time on it is a good choice that can make your life way more productive.

Do you have a tv? The answer is probably yes. Do you have a TV in every room? Again, the answer is more like yes. Think again if you really need that much access to technology.

With no TV in your room, you can enjoy a quieter and healthier sleeping environment. Without a TV in your children’s bedrooms, everyone can spend more time with the family. The benefits are easy to see.

Here in the 21st century we tend to believe that we should always be connected; however, this is not really the case.

If you’re trying to minimize the amount of time you spend on your phone, you will likely be surprised how much more you can actually be present at the moment and enjoy it.

Try to implement a regime of set time ranges for using your phone. Outside of these periods, physically turn off your notifications and turn off your phone or put it on airplane mode. This will help you focus more time and energy on those around you in the real world who are important to you.


We all need people who are supportive and won’t judge us or make us feel uncomfortable. This is hard step to take but it is necessary for your own well-being, to remove all toxic people or set boundaries.

Social media is another element of digital clutter that can be addressed through a minimalist lifestyle. When your social media feed is full of boring posts and messages from people who don’t add value to your life, it’s time to make a selection of your followers and friends. Only keep your friends list for those people who make your life more interesting, valuable, and fun.

Minimalist lifestyle will make your life more meaningful, less things will cause less worries, it will improve your well-being and your relationships, you will live more joyful life by being grateful for what you have and enjoy in the moment, creating a memorable memories.

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