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How to completely restart your life?

how to reset your lifeFeeling overwhelmed and tired of doing the same thing every day or just feeling stuck like you lost the track of things, confused., unmotivated and with a desperate need to change something in your life. These are the signs that you need to reset your life and start fresh.

We all get to know these feelings at some point in our life. The need to escape and start fresh from zero.

To reset your life the easiest thing you can do is to stop doing what you are doing, move to another country and start fresh, spend time in nature, answer get to know yourself journal prompts, start something new or reevaluate your old goals, get rid of toxic relationships, start doing things that scare you. Here is how!


When you are feeling exhausted by your everyday life or people that are close to you, just stop doing whatever you are doing. The same activities and actions that brought you to this tired and grumpy version of you will not provide different results, so you have to stop repeating the same scenario.

Stop hanging out with people you don’t like, stop staying at the job you hate, stop eating from the same shop where that annoying gossiping girl works, stop being in that toxic relationship, stop, just stop, leave all your excuses and fears behind.

Fears of money problems, fear of rejection, being left alone, you have to leave those fears, those people and situation behind, such things will not make you feel any better. 

I am sure you want to feel alive and not just surviving. Fear is the only limit that stands between you and the change you want.

Take the time off, get cozy, and continue reading. Spend few days at least, weeks or months as much time you need, and start with some self-care. Rest, breathe, watch movies, have a long bath, do some diary writing, cry if you need, enjoy your tea or coffee and give yourself time to think.

This is the first step and the most important one in order to reset your life. After that, it is on you which things mentioned below you will feel like following. Start by acknowledging that you need a change.


This is drastic but for many people, the best option out there which exists. Moving to another country is the best possible way to start fresh, and get away from your town, surrounding that drains you, and start everything from zero.

This is not an easy option for everyone but if you think that this is what you need then go for it. It is an amazing way to shake up and reset your life. 

Of course, changing city is great too or state if you are living in a big country such as the USA, but if there are more things you hate than like in your own country and there are people you don’t want to see for the rest of your life and you want a drastic change, this is for sure what you need.

Choosing a new place to live in, brings excitement into life and positive energies. Exploring a place and get to know new people, making new friends, starting a new job all have such an empowering effect. 

You will have a chance to start as you want and how you want… Your life will be more joyful and you will feel more freedom. Think about which country you want to live in, what place will make you feel most alive and move.

Do not let money be your limit…Sometimes all you need is a backpack and faith, and the internet to find those CouchSurfing places or volunteer positions to put yourself into action mode. Then you can find some job there if you like or become a blogger like me and work from anywhere in the world. Why not? Read here how blogging changed my life.


Just like in the movie Wild where Cheryl goes and hikes the Pacific Crest Trail to leave the past and find herself again, you can also do it! Nature can help you on your journey of self-discovery and healing.

Even if you are not fun of bugs and bears still the scenic landscapes, water streams and lakes, and fresh air will give you a sense of peace and clarity to think and decide the answer to that big question WHAT NEXT!

Spending time in nature is a great way to reset your life. Being close to nature makes you feel grounded and appreciate the small things in life. Things that very often we overlook such as comfy pillow and blanket, feeling warm, hot shower, and diverse food. But we find out how little we need to be alive and that is just shelter, water, and food.

Purchase some camping equipment and you are good to go! Make sure to take a notebook with you to write down your adventuring and deep thoughts of life. You might discover something astonishing and return as a new version of yourself!

If you like this idea you can find out more on rangerwild.com


Being confused and stuck and not knowing from where to start with solving your problems is quite frustrating. However, there is a solution to this and one of the best ways is to get to know yourself by using journal prompts.

Just google around or even better go to Pinterest and search there for journal prompt to find life purpose or get to know yourself and you will find many sources, write the answers to those questions in your diary, and most important just be honest with yourself. Take few days, one week, and just spend that time on self-care and diary writing,

I have to mention one particular book that helped me the most to heal my past traumas and find out more about my deepest beliefs and remove and change my toxic traits. Each one of us has some toxic thoughts or behavior that most of the time we are not even aware of.

The book is from Mastin Kipp, called Claim Your Power. If you want to find your purpose, heal or just dig deep into the core of your emotions then this is the book for you, even if you know what you want in life but still you feel tired from your daily routine and people, this book is a real deal. I swear that after reading it and going through a rough and deep emotional journey you will not be the same person.


Sometimes we just need to stop and rethink all again…Maybe you are trying hard to accomplish your goals by overextending yourself and trying too many things at once. This can be contra-productive and make you feel like you are missing things in life.

When we have no balance between life and work and we are not aligned with what we are doing, we lose motivation and end up frustrated and not enjoying the process.

This happens even to the most successful people and that is why is important to reevaluate your goals and see do you need to make some changes to your goals or daily routine.

Maybe you feel like your goal from the beginning of the year is not something that you want anymore and that is totally fine, Doing things just for sake of doing and not actually feel the spark inside you, will lead you nowhere.

Reevaluate your goals and ask yourself questions such as, do you really enjoying doing what you do, what you need to do more, how can you organize better, what has to be changed so you can enjoy more your work and personal life.

I highly suggest you spend at least one hour at the end of the week and think of your work and life routine and it will help you be more aligned and fill satisfaction and fulfillment every day.


Are there any people that drag you down in any way, that are trying to control you or manipulate you, that are constantly making you feel bad about yourself, people that are never satisfied and constantly complain, people that never approve of anything you do…Those people are many times our closest ones, such as family, friends, or lovers.

It is difficult to say goodbye and turn another page in life without some of them but sometimes it is the only option you can have. The people you talk with and spend your time with effect your mindset and performance., your daily life.

Manipulation and control, humiliation is not part of a healthy relationship and such behavior should never be tolerated. Moving on from drama will make your life better in so many ways, remember that other peoples opinion is not your reality and should never be…To be able to reset your life this is a must thing to do to be truly able to start fresh.


Many times there are things that we would love to do but often our surrounding or our own mind stops us from even trying. It can be something like starting your own business, solo traveling the world, quit the job you hate, starting a youtube channel, telling the truth to our loved ones, etc.

No matter what is, one thing is for sure, what is stopping you is your own fear, fear of taking risks, fear of what other people will say, fear of losing stability, fear of rejection, fear of getting hurt or hurt someone else.

It is always the fear stopping us from doing what our soul feels like doing. By taking small steps and letting go of fear will truly liberate you and allow you to start moving towards your true self.

Some of my reading suggestions that I highly recommend besides the Masting Kipp’s Claim Your Power ( MUST READ) are The Success Principles by Jack Canfield and Janet Switzer, Unf**k Yourself by Garry John Bishop. Those are my top 3.


I hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it helpful and inspiring. Your life is in your hands and that is the ultimate truth. In order to be able to reset your life fully, you have to be brave, mindful, and have faith, which means you have to be ready to go for it.

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