feeling stuck

Feeling Stuck In Life

depression and anxiety  

I feel stuck for a whole year, with low self-esteem, without direction, in a relationship but lonely. Far away from my home. I want today to be the last day I feel that way.  Good thing I realize my condition and I want to analyze every aspect of my life and how to change for the better. From today I am stopping feeling pity for myself. I am going nowhere by being like this.

My life turned quickly and I lost myself somehow, now I know it is not about circumstances it is about my reaction to it.

Let’s start analyzing:
I believe the best way to begin is to write all aspects of your life and detect what are the problems you are dealing with, in what you have control over it.

Then think about your goals, write them down, make a vision board. Start writing a positivity journal to keep an eye on your progress, set daily goals and write every day one answer to the questions about you, your strengths, weaknesses, what you want to change. In that way, you motivate yourself every day.

You can purchase a positivity journal on Amazon or even make for yourself in word if you like writing on your computer or notebook. 

Put yourself in action, write every night what you learned that day, what you are thankful for, make a plan for tomorrow.

I will start like this.

Events that affect me and what I realized.

1) Money 

I am 28th years old, have my mother and grandma. My mother does not have a job, and I have a small salary. I have no lands or home on my name. There are always lots of uncertainties about my income. So mostly I am worried and that worry should be my power to move away from this point, not an obstacle.
The good thing is I have ideas to start implementing

2) Away from home

I love traveling, I love that. But my life in this tropical country became dull. I came because of my boyfriend with an idea to help him with his business. Reality is I am most of the time alone, have no friends, few that are always busy. I am waiting for him, I am sad most of the time, also I am dependent on him. I am not doing the job I love. About that below. So I started complaining to him about my loneliness when I was the one who accepted that. I should try to fill my time with some activities, which I am trying to. 

3) Job

I am helping my boyfriend as I said. But I am asking myself what I really want to. I would like to start some online job. So I should try that too. Then I can do that from my home, I do not have to be so far away. Anyway, he is mostly away working, not with me. I need people, I need friends and family. Now my plan is to see this month, start my online thing and see how it goes then apply for Ph.D. and get it. So next year I will do something I am passionate about. I should not give up because of the fear of losing him. If he loves me he will see that I should do things that make me happy. Anyway, he is ready to join me and I am seeing good changes in him 🙂

If I am not happy with myself how can I be good for others? We have no control over tragedies, over illness, accidents, over surrounding, some of the events that happen, but we do have control about how we react, what we do to make our lives better or all that we do is crying over spilled milk, having low self-esteem and being a self-pity. That will not change our life for better then what is the point of being like that.

Sometimes addressing things about ourselves can be a hard task to do, but getting to know yourself is the first step towards your personal development that will lead you to live more fulfilled life..

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