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Disadvantages Of Living In A Tropical Country

Just an idea of living in a tropical country sounds marvelous. Most probably the first thing that you thought about is crystal clear water, beautiful beach and drinking of coconuts under the palm tree, or maybe amazing wildlife and adventures in the jungle.

Although tropical countries are beautiful destination for holiday, where for a short period of time we can tolerate all downsides, however if you decide to settle here you will have to get used to it, and you must be a nature lover otherwise life for you will not be pleasant in this kind of destinations, which most of them are developing countries with a high level of poverty.

Here are some of the downsides of living in a tropical country;

1. Spicy food and rice
As climate is suitable for this kind of crops, people in tropical countries love spices and their mild lever is our HOT HOT level. Most of their meals are prepared with rice and lots of spices, If you find yourself in cities you can find alternatives but when you are traveling you will not have many choices.

2. Electricity breaks
Power comes and goes, or disappears for a few hours during the day, which can be very annoying for someone coming from the developed country. As this is the 21st century and most probably you are a social media addicted person, think twice. I am afraid you will go crazy very soon.

3. Looking for peace
Well, tropical countries are some of the world’s places with the highest biodiversity, which means they are full of life. During night or day, you will be hearing all kind of noises coming from wildlife. Just now I am listening to a loooud song of the frogs. Hard to concentrate or sleep if you are a light sleeper.

4. Cosmetic products with whitening complex and weird fashion
A tropical country, lots of sunshine and tenish people. That is why locals prefer to have a more whiteish look, and the demand for this kind of products is huge. But if you look like a vampire like I do, you definitely want to avoid this kind of stuff. What you can try to bring from your country otherwise the beauty products choices are very less. The same thing for clothes, if you are a picky person here you will have troubles finding what you are looking for. Fashion is like 20 years back, very colorful, but if you like to look like Christmas tree tropics are a great choice.

5. Insects
Mosquitos who are transmitting horrible diseases or annoying flies, caterpillars and so on… If you do not end up in hospital, anyway be ready that your body will look like like you came from the war, can’t escape that one.

6. Wild animals, like leopards, bears, elephants and rest, depending on the place you are. You will be separated from them most probably with just one electric fence which will not stop elephants and wild cats to easily go through it so… YEAH, there are plenty of ways to die in the tropical country. To not forget to mention deadly venomous snakes. Good luck

7. Locals have many prejudices about foreigners
They will be very kind but sometimes that kindness will be fake. This is especially true when it comes to women . Partially it is because of media, sometimes it is because we do not respect their dressing code which can be very disrespectful in many countries. Man will stare and everybody will try to take advantages of you. When it comes to money matters, be highly cautious, as they might think you are a wallet with legs.

8. Local girlfriend or boyfriend
Oh my God. I hope you have a wide range of tolerance, patience, and open mind as all of it you will need beside the love to make it work. Bear in mind that the words of their parents are a law to them, In some of the countries, especially in Asia, people let parents and society to have total control of them, man are quite jealous, they call it territorial, I call possessive. Too straightforward when it comes to seducing, offensive and persistent. The differences are too big so the understanding should be on a high level or be prepared for disaster.

9. Buses are a music show
Music is soooo loud that you might get sick from it if you are traveling a little bit further. From today until tomorrow, all day, all night. Yes, that is right, they will not turn off the lights at night and let you sleep. Do not even think about it. However, if you are a party maniac you might enjoy.

10. Safety
This is very important and something you should worry about. Make sure you are in your home before dark, avoid going alone. Best thing is to have a local friend that you trust, who can accompany you. That is the best option.

If you still want to live in a tropical country after reading this, I can only wish you a best of luck, you will surely need it 🙂

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