pluto transit

Transit Pluto

These are the aspects that I am experiencing right now: Pluto square Ascendant, Pluto opposition Chiron, Pluto conjunction Saturn, Pluto conjunction IC, Pluto square Moon… How it is. I will say only this TRANSFORM OR DIE. No other choice Pluto square Ascendant – I wrote about this aspect already click on link. It can suggest the need for …

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argan oil

How to use argan oil from Morocco?

Argan oil has exceptional regeneration and rejuvenation capabilities due to high concentrations of essential fatty acids, carotenes, and vitamin E which prevent drying and maintain the elasticity of the skin. Effect: The oil acts against the wrinkles and slows down the signs of aging because it stimulates the metabolism of collagen and increases its solubility …

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life in tropical country

Disadvantages Of Living In A Tropical Country

Just an idea of living in a tropical country sounds marvelous. Most probably the first thing that you thought about is crystal clear water, beautiful beach and drinking of coconuts under the palm tree, or maybe amazing wildlife and adventures in the jungle. Although tropical countries are beautiful destination for holiday, where for a short period …

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