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Blogging FAQ: Answers to most common blogging questions

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What blogging means?

blogging faq

Blogging means writing and publishing content on your website. Content includes different types of media such as posts, photography, videos, data.

Can you make money from a blog?

Yes, you can make money from a blog. You can google blogging income reports and see it by yourself how much other bloggers make. You can definitely make money from a blog, with a smart strategy, and effort. You can read my blog post IS BLOGGING A GOOD CAREER and make your choice.

When did blogging start?

Blogging stared in 1994 by student Justin Hall who wrote brief posts in form of diary entries.

WordPress platform that most of bloggers use nowadays came out in 2003.

Who invented blogging?

Jorn Barger invented blogging on December 17, 1997 and used term weblog.

How do I start blogging?

To start blogging all you need is a good business plan and website. You can read my blog post about how to start blogging with bluehost. This is a great post that explains how to start a blog from stratch in details. 

Before reading that post download for free below my online business checklist which you can use for creating your blogging business from start to finish,

What is niche in blogging?

Niche in blogging is a specific set of topics you can write on. It can be more broad such as Home Decor, Health, Fashion, Beauty, Sports, Travel or more specific like Budget Home Decor, Streetwear Fashion, Adventure Travel etc.

What blog to start?

The most important question you have to ask yourself is what topic you are passionate and you have a certain knowledge about. It has to be something that you won’t get bored writing about and you can share some valuable information.

Blogging, what to write about?

Write about the topics you are interested in and have knowledge to share.

Blogging name ideas

To get some blogging name ideas you can go to websites such as asking the public, bust a name or lean domain search. It can be you brand name or even your name if you want to present yourself as an expert in some field. If you choose brand name it should be something short, maximum 3 words long, easily spelled and memorable, avoid numbers or symbols. Try to check for synonyms of certain words to get an idea.

Why domain name is important?

Domain name is important as it can’t be changed, you can only purchase another one and redirect your website which is not so good for seo. It is a unique name for your website. It can include some keyword of the service you are providing. Let’s say you want to write about eco-friendly living your name can be something like The same rules applies as for previous question.

What are blog posts?

Blog posts are published content on your website. It includes heading, subheadings, paragraphs, media like photos, data, videos. What you are reading now is a blog post.

Ideas for blog posts?

To get ideas for blog posts you can use google autosuggest by writing a keyword or question in google and see what will suggest. Other tools you can use are Keyword surfer which is free and Ubersuggest. You can also look for forums such as quota to see what people are asking for…

How often should you blog?

You should blog as often as you want. There is no such things for google that you have to be consistent like for YouTube or Instagram. There is nothing like that. However more blog posts you have, for more keywords you can rank and more money you can make, and more authority you can build on Google.

How many blog posts per week? How many blog posts per month?

Like I said there is no any relation of consistency and google rankings. Google algorithm is not like the one on Instagram or YouTube where is important to have a new posts as often possible. Some people blog usually 1-3 times a week. 

That was my strategy at the beginning  until I learned about Google and Blogging. Since than I prefer to batch my content, I choose a few months a year when I am only writing as much content I can, usually that is around 50-100 blog posts and publish all together and leave it for Google to index it and start to rank it.

Why is my blog post not showing on google?

There can be multiply reasons for it. Your blog is not showing on google if you didn’t submitted your sitemap to Google Search Console or as a new website you try to rank for competitive keywords with a high search volume which you have no chance to rank for. 

Make sure you write at least 30-50 articles using low volume keywords that have less than 200 monthly searches, 50 or even 10 monthly searches can be worthy topics to write on. In this way you will start ranking for those terms and build slowly authority and once you start getting traffic, you can try to rank for higher volume keywords.

Another reason and most likely one is that your blog post is not showing on Google because you did not wait long enough for Google to tank it. About that below.

How many blog posts before traffic?

To start rank on Google it will take 35 weeks, as you have to wait long, the smartest thing you can do is to publish as much content possible at the first few months. I suggest from 50-100 articles before traffic, with a minimum of 30.

How many blog posts before launch?

I suggest you have at least 30 blog posts before launch of your blog. Make sure they are at least 1300 words long.  Jim and Ricky from Income School suggest using the right content mix. This mix consists or 1/3 “Response Posts”, 1/3 “Staple Posts”, and 1/3 Pillar posts. You should be doing these in that exact order!

Response posts are short 1200 -1500 word posts that answer a specific question in your niche that someone is searching for on google. You find that question and then you write the best answer to that specific question. These are the best types of posts to get rankings and help you build authority on Google.

“Staple” posts are shareable content like this “7 ways” and “15 hacks” type of posts. These are the cool posts that you can go and publicize to speed up the traffic flow to your website. These posts are usually 1500 – 2500 words long.

Once you have written at least 10 of these posts. You can start writing in depth long posts of 3000+ word articles such as tutorials or guides.

How long do blog posts need to be?

Blog posts need to be at least 1300 words long. Most of the blog posts written that rank on first page on google are from 1300 – 2500 words long.

How long it takes to rank in google?

For a new website it takes 8 – 12 months to rank in Google, for blog post to reach the traffic potential.

How many blog views to make money?

You need at least 10 – 20K traffic to make anywhere from 400 – 4000 USD. With 10k you can apply to Premium ad network such as Ezoic. So with 10,000 blog views you can make money.

How much blog traffic to make money?

Your blog traffic has to be at least 10,000 page views per month to make around 400-2000 USD with some Premium Ad Network like Ezoic.

Why blogging is important?

What blogging platform should I use?

Blogging is important as you can use it to enhance your business, to spread your knowledge and share valuable information, or to share your reviews and experiences that can help others in their decision making.

You should use WordPress blogging platform as it is widely used and most used blogging platform on the market, and highly recommended by many bloggers as well. It is simple to work with and you don’t have to be techy person, everyone can use it.

Why blogging is important for business?

Blogging is important for business because it helps you attract organic traffic, build your brand awareness, and make conversions and sales without paying advertising.  

SEO for blogging. What is SEO for blogs?

SEO for blogging stands for search engine optimization which is all about how to increase visibility on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and others and receive organic traffic. 

SEO for blogs  is the most important part of blogging. There are 3 types of SEO: on page SEO, off page SEO and technical SEO. 

On Page SEO include all action you can take directly on your website to optimize it for search engines, this are setting Title, Meta description, tags H1, H2, H3. This is your content, the structure of your blog post. 

Off page SEO includes linking profile of your website, how many and which websites are linking to yours, and how many internal links you have.

Technical SEO includes things such robot file, sitemap, redirects and other things. This is important for crawling and indexing of your site. 

The most important thing when it comes to SEO for blogs is just to write a high quality content that answers the users query. All other stuff is easy to learn, although it sounds complicated.

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