This blog is simple and very personal. It started as an idea to help myself by writing. You can read here my diary and get to know me better, but also topics like relationships, beauty, well-being, travel, education, astrology, business, and money. Most of the articles have a personal note.  As I grew as a person this blog grew into a business and now is my full-time income and something that allows me to live a life on my terms. Such a blessing!

As a small-town girl, raised in a very modest family I learned to fight hard to make my dreams come true. I do know very well what it’s like to start from a zero. Strong beliefs and faith were always pushing me through the darkest times and obstacles, helping me to achieve what I wanted. Running few online businesses and being my own boss today, brings me joy, and more freedom to spend time as I wish, to not depend on a person, deadlines, grumpy bosses or place, or country. 

I dream big and enjoy small things in life.   

Prepare a coffee, tea, or whatever you prefer and read my blog, take a small break from your everyday life, a small pause to rejuvenate, to motivate yourself, maybe even to get a helpful idea.

If at least one of my articles help you in some way, the purpose of this blog is fulfilled.