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7 Professional Salon Beauty Tools You Can Afford To Have At Home

salon beauty tools you can afford to have at home

Everyone loves to look nice. But not everyone loves or can afford to go to a salon and get professional beauty treatments. 

Here is a list of all salon beauty tools you can afford in order to look stunning from the comfort of your home:

1. Double Chin Face Slimmer and Anti Wrinkle/ Acne Removal Face Treatment

WRINKLE REMOVE MACHINE: This neck firming device can promote the blood circulation, stimulate the neck acupuncture points, clear the meridians, improve circulation and promote metabolism, promote the discharge of long accumulated toxic substances & waste, slow skin cell aging, remove neck wrinkle

3 VIBRATION MODES:3 vibration intensities, 45+ heating, together with blue, green and red three-color light massage to promote blood circulation and the accumulation of long-term waste discharge, thereby restore cell viability. Streamline outlook fits for ergonomic theory for transporting the energy to every part of skin

3 LIGHTS MASSAGE:Blue Light-The coldest light, can promote the synthesis of protein and collagen, activate the skin, tighten the loose skin and shrink the pores, which is good for oily skin and sensitive skin. Green Light-Can improve the oxygen alternate use function of the cell, promote the skin surface micro-circulation and dredge the lymphatic & edema. Red Light-Can increase the cell vitality, accelerate the blood circulation, and promote the growth of fibroblasts and collagen.

EASY TO OPERATE:Apply some skin care products on neck and face. Use the massage head close to neck, lift from bottom several times. Then fit the face skin and lift, make skin tightened. Lift along the wrinkles, remove double chin, smile lines, eye wrinkles and activates skin cell

This product is made in Korea, a leading country when it comes to beauty world.

2.Nano Ionic Face Steamer

Professional Nano-ionic Steamer: Adopt nano-atomization technology, which to penetrate the skin 10X more effectively to improve cell vitality. The sleek design and streamlined appearance, easy to use and portable.You can enjoy professional facial SPA at home or even in travel. Meanwhile,it is an ideal gift for your family and friends.

Upgraded Nano Steam Tech: 20s Full-Powered Steam: The home facial steamer generates full-powered steam within 20 seconds with 1 touch on the button. You can have a relaxing steaming time with consistent mist for 8-10 minutes. The Steamer has automatic shut – off – function once used, preventing any injury, 100% safe to use.

Meticulous Care: Making skin clear and bright, 10x improved blood circulation, improving cell vitality for a healthier younger looking complexion, restoring smooth and delicate skin and absorb nutritional essence more effectively.

Industry Standard: It is made of eco-friendly materials, durable, non-toxic, non-irritating, which can be safely used on the face. We have test the machine function before we send it to you, your professional skin care experts serve you attentively.

3. Blackhead Remover

Upgraded Blackhead Vacuum Design – Super powerful pore vacuum suction can directly achieve deep cleaning and effectively remove blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin, grease and makeup residues. It also can be used to massage skin , increase blood circulation and skin elasticity, lessen wrinkle, shrink pores, smooth fine lines.

Different suction levels & 5 Replaceable Suction Heads –  Different kinds of powerful suction levels suitable for different types of skin to achieve genuine deep cleaning. Level 1 is suitable for sensitive and dry skin, level 2-3 are suitable for neutral skin, level 4-5 are designed for mixed and oily skin. Meanwhile , 5 replaceable probe are designed for different skin conditions , such as , clean up blackhead, remove dirt grease, reduce dead skin and fine lines .

Effective & Safe & Painless – The blackhead pore vacuum uses innovative vacuum adsorption technology, the pore vacuum suction is twice that of ordinary products. Made of eco-friendly material ABS, non-toxic, non-irritating, which can be safely used on the face. Blackhead remover vacuum uses effective physical approach to solve the skin problems without any chemicals. It is safer and more effective than traditional facial cleaning method.

Rechargeable & Portable – Do not need to worry about replacing batteries, this vacuum pore cleaner has a built-in USB rechargeable, long endurance. You can check the suction level and battery power on the LED display. This blackhead remover is compact and portable design is friendly to carry. It is also a very wise choice for sending to your family and friends as a gift.

Your Personal Facial Care Specialist – Before using the vacuum pore cleaner , please use a hot towel or facial steamer to open your pore. Please don’t use the blackhead remover in one place for more than 5 seconds , just gently slide the pore vacuum up and down in one direction.

4. Vibrant Cleansing brush

salon beauty tools
Distinctive Facial Brush: Ultra Hygienic Soft Silicone rubber exterior provides the softest and most gentle face cleansing and massage for all skin types.

Glowing Skin: Gain vibrant confidence in your face with a deeper, cleaner, younger, more beautiful complexion. Gently remove stubborn makeup, deep clean pores, reduce blackheads with maximum power & minimal effort so that you can brim with confidence with fresh, glowing skin.

Portable & Induction Charging– Shaped as a oval, handy design makes it easier to hold and convenient to carry. Facial cleansing with a single hand held device, never need to change the brush head. With professional induction charging equipment. Full charge takes 3 hours and can be used 200 times.

Facial Massage: This product can be used in the shower and bath.Face massage increases collagen & boosts circulation. Reduces fine lines & wrinkles, restores skin’s firmness.

Great Gift: Makes a perfect gift for your mom, wife, best friend or someone special. Send them beauty, make them more confident. Or give yourself some joy with this great investment:)

5. IPL hair removal

Permanent Hair Removal, Easy To Use: This hair removal device is using advanced IPL technology, the energy directly reaches hair follicles and inhibits the regeneration of hair follicles, achieves ultra-fast permanent hair removal.Two button design, super easy-to-use. Treamlined design for easy grip

2 Modes & 5 Energy Levels:IPL hair removal is with 5 adjustable energy levels and 2 modes.Customize your exclusive energy level according your hair color and skin tone.Manual mode is used for sensitive areas , like Bikini Lines(4 mins),Upper Lip and Armpit(1 min); Automatic modes is suitable for lager areas, like Arms, Legs, Back(8 mins).(*Note:It is not suitable for very dark skin)

Faster & Efficient: According to the test and studies,with both facial & whole body treatment taking around 30 minutes.After 8-12 weeks,more than 90% of hair grows slowly and overall reduction by using our IPL Hair Removal system. After 13 weeks, you will notice litte or no hair growth.
100% Safe: Tested for safety and has been clinically proven,the emitted light is 100% SAFE for the human body. Such high number of flashes,deliver an equivalent to 20-30 years of treatment,enough to use with your family and friends together.Follow the instructions to use IPL hair removal properly, you will notice that hair to be tiner with hairless patches after every treatment.Continuous use result in beautiful, smooth skin for life.The hair will be permanently removed after few weeks and it won’t return. Every girls lifetime dream.For this same treatment in beauty salon you will have to pay thousands of dollars.

Economic & Painless: Compared to the salon hair removal, IPL Hair Removal gives you comfort and painless but effective hair removal experience. A professional IPL treatment system is also suitable for the women and men.Home use IPL hair removal is your economical solution at home, no need spending much money and time on monthly salon appointments.

6. Nail UV Lamp

SMART NAIL LAMP. SUN 5 PRO UV LED: Curing Lamp can be used for drying most types of nail gel polish and extensions including hard gels, UV/LED gels, CND Shellac, OPI, sculpture, guilders and builders.

DIGITAL TIME DISPLAY:The built-in LCD screen displays nail-drying time and is equipped with a time memory function that you can set in 10, 30, 60 or 99 seconds low heat mode.

SMART SENSOR: Our professional fingernail and toenail LED nail lamp has infra-red sensors that automatically turn on or off the gel nail light when you slide your hand or foot in and out.

SUPER SPACIOUS: It is large enough to fit both hands or both feet inside at the same time! Our UV manicure light can dry nails evenly and speeds up your at-home nail curing!

HIGH-POWERED AND ENERGY SAVING: Conserve electricity and avoid the cost of replacing light bulbs! Our 80W heat lamp is equipped with 45 LED bulbs that can last up to 50,000 hours!

7. Teeth Whitening

TEETH WHITENING KIT – Smile Titan is the ultimate teeth whitening kit which comes with everything you need to help remove stains and get your teeth glistening white again! This fast-acting formula, made in the USA, gives you as smile up to 8 shades whiter in just 7 days

EFFECTIVE REMOVAL OF VARIOUS STAINS – this teeth whitening kit is of premium quality and superior to whitening strips, pens and toothpaste. Use for just ten minutes per day to see effective removal of stains caused by tea, coffee, wine, cigarettes and more.

COMFORTABLE TO USE – the universal shape of the mouth tray is comfortable to wear and suitable for sensitive teeth too. Smile Titan teeth whitening gel is made in the USA and is produced fresh for ultimate effectiveness in the stain removal process.

INCLUDED IN YOUR KIT – included in the Smile Titan teeth whitening kit you will receive 3 teeth whitening gel syringes, each pre-filled with 3ml of teeth whitening gel which contains 35% carbamide peroxide, universal fit teeth whitening trays and a 5 x LED accelerator light. Our teeth whitener is easy to assemble and use and easy to clean too.

ADVANCED FEATURES – this teeth whitener has been designed with a powerful LED accelerator light which speeds up the whitening process. The accelerator light contains 5 bulbs for more power and the integrated timer has a beeper so you can easily keep track of your whitening session time

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