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5 Powerful Strategies for Using Pinterest to Generate More Traffic to Your Website

pinterest strategies
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Pinterest has 3 hundred million monthly customers, and even as it might not be a social media behemoth like Facebook or Twitter, it’s far a vital social media platform with deep penetration invaluable. If you don’t already have a stable plan for how to use Pinterest in your business advertising and marketing strategy, you are lacking out on opportunities to reach new customers.
Here are 5 powerful strategies for the use of Pinterest to generate more visitors to your website and develop your business.

Add Sharing Buttons to Your Site

If you need your audience to take action, you need to make it easy for them. Adding a sharing button to your internet site will permit your target market to Pin your content with only a click, even if they don’t have the Pinterest browser button.

Pin consistently

It’s recommended to Pin something to the social media platform every day, at some point of peak times, that have been tested to be inside the evenings and on the weekends, for U.S. based companies. Pinterest also factors out that consistency is vital. If you want to create pins or upcoming holidays, events, or seasons, you should begin posting them at least 30 days in advance. I am pinning 30-40 pins per day and posting one same Pin in at least 10 other boards on my profile using Tailwind, posting in Tribes I am able to get 30,000 visitors for my website only from Pinterest.

Focus on Great Visuals

Since Pinterest is a pretty visual platform, it will be worth your effort to create amazing imagery. The photos that you Pin ought to be clear, well-composed, well-lit, and in focus. If you don’t have the time or the equipment to create your own snapshots, you can use stock photography websites for your pictures, as well as Canva to make amazing creatives in correct size.

Utilize Keywords

While Pinterest is a visible medium, pics on my own aren’t sufficient to create engagement. Utilize the description fields to inform customers precisely what they will get in the event that they click the link. More importantly, ensure you include relevant keywords to assist your Pins to display up in searches. I like to put down after description paragraph one more with hashtags for example #socialmediatips in this way you will increase keyword density and the text will still look natural.

Use Rich Pins

Rich Pins are a current addition to Pinterest. They use metadata this is pulled out of your website to provide users with extra information approximately what they will find in the event that they click on on a Pin. These varieties of Pins are to be had for recipes, apps, articles, and products and are likely applicable to the content material which you Pin to the web site. Pinterest is quickly becoming a powerhouse social media platform for corporations to benefit more focused leads.

Following these 5 techniques will assist you to utilize Pinterest to grow your business.

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