business affirmations

21 Marketing and Business Affirmations

business affirmations
  1. I set goals that I know are achievable .
  2. I’m an intelligent individual. I enjoy learning about new technologies and new marketing techniques that help my business grow.
  3. I build fresh relationships and continue to strengthen existing relationships with other marketers.
  4. I know my customers desires and I am happy to provide them with valuable content and services
  5. I constantly draw in success-minded entrepreneurs to assist me to grow my business.
  6. I’m a brilliant and savvy business person.
  7. I have a billion-dollar mind.
  8. I am a Money Magnet
  9. I’ve all the skills, intelligence, contacts and income and perspective I require right now to create an incredible masterpiece with my business.
  10. I am abundant
  11. I’m really focused and persistent
  12. I am affluent and successful, each day, in all that I do.
  13. I am confident in my abilities to generate any income I wish.
  14. I’m committed, determined and passionate about what I do.
  15. I have all the resources I require right now to become a multi-millionaire.
  16. I achieve my financial goals with ease 
  17. I’m an expert in what I do.
  18. I am a leader
  19. I create a products and services that people want and need
  20. I am constructing a successful and important business that is bringing me joy and abundance and is helping others
  21. I invest in myself, business and community every day
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