2020 year at glance

2020 Year at Glance

2020 Year at Glance

2020 year at glance

I don’t know from where to begin. This year was a rough ride. Mentally tiring year with lot’s of pressure.


Was very unbalanced month. I could not organize my time properly and struggled mentally. I did not do my self care routines, not even workouts. Lack of socializing.

Professionally I discovered new SEO software for my business and learned to make content fast.

Short travel trips were the best part of this month.


I was taking a lot of care about my mental health. As my business depends on internet, unfortunately in February I had lot’s of internet troubles. I got my first sale after one year, that was the highlight. Spent some time outside doing a field work. It was more relaxed month and I was in really good mood.


Overall it was a good month, although later that month Corona virus hit, and lock down happened.  Whole months I was working on promotions and content, looked for the ways to monetize. Was Instagram active.

Some people tried to put me down, and I achieved a new level in my personal growth, to forgive and move on.

Applied for EIN number for my business.


I moved to a place with lot of difficulties and it was month of adjusting to new conditions. Quite difficult and tiring month without much success. I started cooking. First verification video made.


Made pizza by myself. Made my fist video voiceover. Found a way to shedule content for upcoming 3 months. Went for a local trip to river. Turned my biz off until situation changes but worked behind the scene.

That month I heard a discouraging words about my business. Words that basically said how I am worthless, and a failiure, while I was trying hard to find a path to my goal. I remember feeling so hopeless that a person close to my heart discouraged me in such horrible way.

Still I knew I will not give up and it doesn’t matter if someone thinks I am worthless, it matters what I believe, and I believe I am smart enough, I believe in myself, I believe I can do it.


Great feedback for course test video. Enjoying life more, isolated but chilling with few friends, going to the beach. Caring more about personal development. Got little bit sick. Worked on my website.


30th Birthday Anxiety 🙂 Proud for publishing my course. Worked on personal branding. Happily celebrated my birthday at the beach.


Such stressful month. A family problems. Fights and sadness together with life uncertainty, business and financial problems took best part of me. Feeling that all piled up and covered me and I can barely breath. Don’t know what will happen if life will be same, or many losses are ahead…Deep sadness…But besides all, a faith remained. Sheduled my content for upcoming 4 months.


Oh well! What to say! Lots of stress continued from the previous month. Family big troubles. I borrowed last money from my mother to invest which did not turn out to be so great as I thought. Lot of tools I used for my businesses had to be paid. So money just went, gone with a wind without any return! Want more chaos?! I wrote an article 3 days for one company with 4 revisions, they said they accepted and it is high quality one and after two days changed their mind and said how it had many errors and they can’t pay me. My effort gone with a wind! To not make everything so black I have a good news as well, I solved my documents and one BIG NEWS IS THAT GOOGLE FINALLY ACCEPTED ME ON THEIR ADSENSE PROGRAM…This happened on the 29th September and it is the best thing that happened for a long time for me. So please check those ads, click, it will mean a lot to me. I needed some wind to push me forward and I got one.


How to describe this month? Can’t in one word, but do you know that feeling when after long looong time you finally see one thing moving forward in your life, you get hope, it’s like a wind at your back, the thing you most needed and then boom, all gone, again you are in minus, not zero, minus state of being. Well that is how October was for me.

I started some small online biz that went wrong, I got banned for something I applied (and submitted more than 80 tasks) without a reason and had to solve that, so I lost half of the month, could not earn anything. Than it turned out it was their sensitive online filter that marked me as spam for not being in USA. They said they will remove the block but I lost half of the month for no reason. Gosh and my time and effort, were worthless.

I started and finished new website for one company, which is good.

My family problems worsen, health worsen, relationships with loved ones got worse, I can’t be with and where I suppose to be, this CORONA IS A HELL.

What to tell you? If you are stuck in one point and everything around you is falling apart, I FEEL YOU! Try to not lose your mind, that is all that matters. Turn on the BON JOVI song HAVE A NICE DAY and sing it as loud you can like I did and, YOU WILL BE FINE.


Well, well, well. Here is what happened during this month.

I verified my payments on Adsense, but many of my business troubles were still to be solved. This month was a creation month therefore I created my upcoming posts and videos for next months. Did some good business reorganization and made some really great plans and developed some strategies that I am sure will help me grow my business. I finally feel I have things figured out.

When it comes to personal things, situation in my family improved which is good.

The highlight of this month was me ending in a emergency and hospital.

To be continued…


My family troubles continued, only my mother is my support. It looks like the real storm is on the way. To ad more to the problems, my grandma is very ill, so it is painful to watch her like that. Other relationships are standing on a glass legs.

One of the good things that happen is this blog, I purchased professional domain and I have many plans and great posts are coming on your way.

But due to all these stressful situations, I am trying to take care of myself and protect my health. I ordered some cosmetics to make spa days at home and personal development books to end this year with positive mindset.


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