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What I learned in 2018


Whoa, when I look back, this year was emotionally difficult, full of challenges and obstacles. I believe I faced some of my fears, met many people who thought me very hard lessons. But there were some beautiful moments as well and things to be thankful for.

 Here is what I learned in 2018. 1) To analyze myself and my reactions before putting blame on others2) To take responsibility3) To rely on me always and to not have any expectations from others4) How to be happy alone and enjoy the solitude5) That emotional reactions depend on the way we think6) To accept the fact that not everyone likes me and that not everyone matters. 7) To forgive and pray for those who do not want me any good8) To control myself when I am angry or upset9) Be more careful about what I am saying to people. Trust must be deserved. There are people who are happy to use your secrets as a weapon against you10) There is a powerful connection with our loved ones who passed. Dreams can be our guide into the future, a warning sign or a good omen. I am thankful for the first serious relationship in my life, for the health of my family members and dear people, for my angels’ guardians, for a new business idea that I am ready to implement. For learning to dive, for having an opportunity to experience life in an exotic tropical country. Ready for 2019??? I am

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